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CurbedWire: Trump Soho Good to Go, Jersey's 'Gold Coast'

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SOHO?Donald Trump may have had a fairly crappy day on the PR front for the Trump Soho condo hotel, but the Department of Buildings delivered him some goods. It has "partially rescinded" the Stop Work Order "to allow the general contractor, Bovis Lend Lease, to proceed with construction of the new building in phases." So, work can resume from the 23rd Floor down, but "construction on the upper portion of the building and crane operations remain prohibited at this time." Also, DOB will "maintain a daily presence at the site to verify that all authorized remedial work is in compliance with site safety measures" and workers are getting more safety training. The Stop Work Order was issued after the fatal accident on the 42nd floor. No worries: things falling from the 23rd floor have less distance to travel. [CurbedWire Inbox]

EDGEWATER?It's now possible to join a rent-to-own program at The Peninsula at City Place on what is "New Jersey's Gold Coast." The 201-unit condo is allowing buyers to apply a full year of rent toward the down payment and secure a 12 month lock rate. Monthly rents for the program range from $1,795 for a 1BR to $2,525 for a 2BR, with the 1BRs sell for $420K. All this time, we thought Williamsburg was the Gold Coast. [CurbedWire Inbox]

Trump Soho

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