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Williamsburg Edge Sharpened: It's Market Time

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The big Edge development on Kent Avenue in Williamsburg is still a sprawling construction site, but the marketing effort no longer consists of some random posters and renderings and a teaser website. The site has gone live and there are more details about the development. We're especially feeling the "communal fire pit" with lounge seating, not to mention the waterfall at the plunge pool, the green living walls in the lobby and the on-site hybrid Zip Cars, although we're not exactly into calling the non-duplex apartments, "simplexes." In addition to new fleshed out website, the final touches have been put on the sales office at N. 6 & Kent, there's a kick off party on Thursday and even the nasty, tagged up banners around the construction site have been replaced. (Good luck with those.) Edge prices top out at $2M+.
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The Edge

4149 18th Street, , CA 94114 Visit Website