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Georgica Revealed: Upper East Side Goes to the Kids

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Georgica is a new 20-story glass condo building on the Upper East Side aimed at well-heeled families and named after a pond in the Hamptons. That collection of details probably made some people retch, so if that's the case on your end, perhaps it's better not to click through the above photo gallery, full of renderings starring a Norman Rockwell-like cast of shiny happy people. The images come from Georgica's newly relaunched website, and the building's 58 units?none smaller than a 1,298sqft two-bedroom?will soon be on sale through Elliman. The former Development Du Jour is located at 305 East 85th Street, at Second Avenue, and the design is by Cetra/Ruddy. Unfortunately, the website does not yet provide a glimpse of the promised rooftop playground, but the description is appropriately yuppietastic: "On the Roof Deck, you and your family can read, play, socialize, have a cookout or picnic, bask in the sun, practice yoga—or just enjoy."
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The Georgica

305 East 85th Street, New York, New York 10028