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On the Market: $10M at The Plaza, With a Little Luck

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Even those who avoid the number 13 like the plague will have a hard time averting their eyes from this one, because what we're looking at is 2,340-square-feet of pure Plaza pomp. Unit #1313 is owned by Italian architect Teresa Sapey, who the Times reported was flipping her $6.9 million 2BR unit for a whopping $10 million. Broker David Calderazzo has the listing, and finally we get a good glimpse that goes beyond the usual photos offered by Stribling. Despite the eight-figure price tag, this unit does not have Central Park views. It looks east over Fifth Avenue, and west over the Plaza's interior courtyard. The apartment is also available for rent for $40,000, and we hear the identical apartment directly above on the 14th floor can be packaged with #1313 for a total of $19 million. And while a Plaza duplex may be impressive, don't forget that Big Mack will still have you beat.
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The Plaza

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