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Brooklyn's Jail with Retail is Back with a Lot More Jail

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The city is back for another round on the Atlantic Avenue Jail with Retail proposal. The "Brooklyn House of Detention Stakeholders" Group, which has set up its own website and has proven itself very adept at making noise, has gotten hold of a new RFP to double the jail and posted it. The group sent out an email blast this morning saying the city hadn't invited the community to a meeting on Thursday or told it about the RFP. The document calls for "additional housing for 720 inmates in twelve dormitories of sixty beds each," which is basically a doubling in size. Remember the last RFP, which attracted an ambitious proposal for an alternative program on the site, condos, rental apartments and retail? (One of the players in that venture is in today's Post in the context of some luxe brownstones she wants to build not far from the jail site.) This one chops the scope of the Jail Dream, asking for repairs to keep the old building's facade from falling off and "continuous ground floor retail space" on Atlantic Ave., which means it can still be called the Bigger Jail with a Little Retail.
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