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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Warhol's First Factory, Moby's Bribe, A Million Little Dollars (Almost)

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1) The Upper East Side townhouse where Andy Warhol shacked up with his mommy and created some of his earliest Pop Art works will soon hit the market for $5.99 million. Wow, a single-family townhouse on the UES with a celebrity pedigree for only seven figures? Well, the home is only 16-and-a-half-feet-wide, is kinda smallish and fronts on Lexington Avenue. Also, we can't decide if sticking some prints of Warhol's work in there is tacky or not. [Big Deal/Josh Barbanel]

2) Having already set up a website to sell his El Dorado penthouse on the Upper West Side, Moby is now going an extra step. He recently sent an e-mail out to friends regarding a finder's fee: "If you find someone to buy the apartment I'll happily give $75,000 to you or your favorite charity." Ah, how sweet. But if it wasn't for that damn co-op board... [MainStreet]

3) Hudson Square's 505 Greenwich Street just can't seem to stay off the celeb radar. Some heavy hitters were reportedly eying the building, but at least one notable name has bought in the building?twice! Author/fabulist James Frey has added a one-bedroom unit to his 3BR spread, buying out a neighbor for $985,000. Fuck the bullshit, it's time to go luxury! [Manhattan Transfers/Max Abelson]

505 Greenwich Street

505 Greenwich Street, New York, NY

The El Dorado

300 Central Park West, New York, NY 10024