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Jean Nouvel Wins Pritzker Prize

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Jean Nouvel has been awarded this year's Pritzker Prize, architecture's equivalent of a lifetime achievement award, and the announcement could not have come at a better time for the French starchitect?at least in terms of his New York career. The effect is threefold: 1) Soho's 40 Mercer, where cabanas go for $350,000 and Harry Potter rents out apartments for $20 Gs, now somehow becomes even more exclusive. Dare we say, world-class? 2) The Pritzker will provide a nice marketing bump for Nouvel's pricey Vision Mashine, 100 Eleventh Avenue, and now West Chelsea's Starchitect Row has a couple of Pritzker-winners in Frank Gehry and Jean Boy. 3) Most importantly, the Pritzker Prize should bolster the chances of Nouvel's real vision mashine, the 75-story MoMA tower at 53 West 53rd Street. The backlash of the locals has given way to backlash to the backlash, and if a Pritzker winner can't get a gorgeous skyscraper built in midtown Manhattan of all places, then we will bow to our new Dubai overlords.
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100 Eleventh Avenue

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40 Mercer

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