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It Happened One Weekend: NJ Applies Lipstick to Pigs, Community Board Cuts, More!

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1) In a story that we're only 60% sure is not an April Fool's gag, the Times reports that many New Jersey garbage dumps are being redeveloped into hotels, mall and residential buildings. For example, the Hilton at right is going up in a Dover landfill. Reminds us of a joke we heard: Hey, what's the biggest dump in New Jersey? New Jersey. Hi-yo! [In the Region/Antoinette Martin]

2) The city's 59 community boards are bracing for budget cuts, which will probably total $9,995 to $15,690 and take effect July 1. Great, now they'll be even more cranky when David Bouley tries to open a restaurant! [The City/Alex Mindlin]

3) So, what are brokers doing to get that commission in these tense times? Painting, buying flowers, and in some cases, sticking addresses on trash cans. ['That 6% Is Getting Harder to Earn'/Hope Reeves]

4) This week's Living In gives the spotlight treatment to Turtle Bay, a topical choice given the complaints of overdevelopment that followed the fatal crane collapse in the neighborhood a couple of weeks ago. Not surprisingly, you have to compete with foreign governments to get your hands on the good stuff. [Living In/C.J. Hughes]

5) An adorable young couple wants to stay close to family but also needs space for their sick cats, so they look to upgrade in Bensonhurst, Sheepshead Bay or Midwood. In the end, it comes down to her ability to negotiate in Russian. Which neighborhood will win?! [The Hunt/Joyce Cohen]