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CurbedWire: Baseball's Box, Stuy Town Goes to the Dogs

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EAST HARLEM?Just a bat toss away from Jared Kushner's crumbling building near Park Avenue and 124th Street, the MLB-housing Harlem Park is getting ready to rise. A tipster snapped the above picture and writes, "Just wanted to let you guys know that Harlem Park looks to be moving along closer to groundbreaking. There have been trucks in the space doing soil samples the last couple days." Play ball, or something. [CurbedWire Inbox]

STUYVESANT TOWN?A number of Stuy Town/Peter Cooper Village renters forwarded us the memo regarding a change in the massive complex's pet policy. One tipster wrote: "I thought I'd let you all know of the latest ST/PCV development. After a pay-membership gym, opening up 'Garage 1' as pay/public parking, they're now allowing pets! Read: Dogs. Cats occupy many, many apts as they were allowed 'under the radar' by previous management. According to the info, market-rate tenants must pay a $250 per pet fee at the time of pet registration. Is this yet another move by Tishman to generate revenue and fill empty spaces? Recent City Council newsletter read that as many as 5 buildings worth of homes are currently vacant. Regardless, a sad day for residents who appreciate the lack of dog activity in and around the complex." [CurbedWire Inbox]