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Breaking CurbedWire: Kushner Building Collapses in Harlem

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[Photos from the scene at 102 E124th Street courtesy 1010WINS and WNBC.]

EAST HARLEM?We're hearing reports of some sort of building collapse near 124th Street and Park Avenue, way too close for comfort to the piece of land that will some day gift us Harlem Park. 1010 WINS has this update: "Metro-North Hudson, Harlem and New Haven Line train service has been temporarily suspended into and out of Grand Central Terminal because of a building collapse in the vicinity of 124 Street and Park Avenue in East Harlem." [CurbedWire Inbox]

4:00 UPDATE: Reuters has more: "A vacant building collapsed in New York on Tuesday but there were no immediate reports of injuries, the city's Fire Department said."

4:03 UPDATE: If you're on the scene, photos, please, to

4:06 UPDATE: The building, on the corner of 124th and Park, is a five-story apartment building that neighborhood residents told 1010WINS "has been collapsing and crumbling for the past two to three months." The building will need to be totally demolished (per WNBC, "two-thirds of the building was still standing, but debris spilled across the sidewalk and onto the street"); ConEd is digging up the street nearby to shut off the gas.

4:10 UPDATE: The address of the building is 102 East 124th Street, reports WCBS. Here's PropertyShark's backgrounder on the building, which appears to have traded hands in 2006 for $5.1 million. Listed as Party #1 on the mortgage is none other than New York Observer publisher/Ivanka Trump suitor Jared Kushner, whose real day job is serving as a principal in the New Jersey-based property management firm Kushner Companies. The stability of the building next door, 100 East 124th Street, has been compromised and will be demolished. Kushner owns that one, too.

4:25 UPDATE: Hoo boy, we're digging around in the Dept. of Buildings records for the place, and it offers quite the paper trail on this shitshow. From January 2008: "Bricks are falling into the parking lot"; also Jan. '08: "Pieces of structure is now falling off of building, needs immediate attention." From November '07: "Adjacent building is not protected and debris is falling & damaging property." And way back in 2005: "Debris is falling in a parking lot endangering people when they get their cars." And cracks were already visible way back in 2002.

5:00 UPDATE: Slowly, MetroNorth service is being restored. Gonna be a loooong northbound night.

[Gallery photos courtesy WNBC.]