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On the Market: A Walk to Remember

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Pomander Walk is one of those urban oases that you tend to forget exist, until a listing like this pops up on the market and your laptop gets shorted out from the drool spilling all over the keyboard. The block-long gated street runs from West 94th to 95th Street between Broadway and West End Avenue, and contains 27 Tudor-style homes built in 1922 to resemble the London stage set of the play called, wouldn't you know it, Pomander Walk. This renovated three-story 3BR, 2.5BA house is priced at $2.295 million, and checks in at 1,550 square feet. Features include an open cook's kitchen, dining room, and the feeling of superiority attained by owning a piece of Upper West Side history. The first open house was last weekend, so this is a fresh catch.
· Listing: 1 Pomander Walk [Bellmarc]