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Landmarks Commission Sends Domino Back for More Work

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Looks like the plans for that big glass addition to the landmarked Domino Plant in Williamsburg have a way to go before they can ripen on the vine. The WPGA blog has a rundown on today's Landmarks Preservation Commission hearing on the Beyer Blinder Belle proposal for altering the building. Rafael Viñoly who is the architect for the New Domino was even on hand. The Beyer architects compared their work to a variety of structures including the Tate Modern, but the LPC sent them back to the drawing board. Some felt the addition was "too tall" and "not the right design" and there was a consensus that the design is too "tame" and needs to be "more visionary" and emphasize the "industrial rigor" of the landmark. Translation: give us a call after you tweak it.
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New Domino

Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY