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On the Racked: Beach Chairs on the Bowery, LES Obama Shocker, Kidrobot Pirate Store Lands, More

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And now, the latest from Racked, covering shopping and retail from the sidewalks up.

1) Bowery: The new boutique Blue & Cream has applied for a permit to have beach chairs out front when the weather gets nicer. Racked reports the plan is to have models handing out espresso. Yes, friends, beach chairs and "models frolicking on the Bowery."

2) LES: So who, exactly, would buy a "Who Killed Obama?" sweatshirt at an Orchard St. boutique?

3) Soho: Been to the Kidrobot Pirate Store for $5 Gorillaz toys or $2 Sam the Pirates? Well, in order to allow one to brace for it, Racked has photo galleries here and here.

4) West Village: Sure, the Banana Republic at 205 Bleecker Street and Sixth Avenue is closed, but Racked reports it's being turned into an outpost for their new, high-end Monogram line ("The mark of distinction").