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Queens West & 5SL Could Get New Student Friends in LIC

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We've wondered what the big demolition site across Fifth Street from the Queens West development was going to be. Now we know: it's the possible site of a CUNY dorm and a 13-story residential building. So far, though, the potential new friends of Queens West across Fifth Street and the Toll Brothers Fifth Street Lofts, a couple of blocks away, hasn't been getting much love. The new development, which would be the work of O'Connor Capital, would go at 47th Avenue and Fifth Street. It would include a six-story dorm for 220 students, a 13-story residential building with 169 units and street level retail. Lawyers for the developer argue opponents are off-base when they say the buildings would be too big given what's across the street and still planned to the north. Besides, there is less likely to be synchronized hurling at the Rockrose buildings across the way because it will be housing for doctoral candidates. The proposal was rejected by the local community board, but it's coming back soon with some tweaks, like space for arts groups.

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