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Please Join Us in Welcoming Irving Place to 2008

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The six-block-long Irving Place has always been a battlefront in New York's struggle between the classic and the modern. At one end is Gramercy Park and all its hands-off stateliness. Head south and you're at the front door of the landmark and legendary Pete's Tavern. Keep walking and you'll hit Irving Plaza, and all the horrible rock shows you can handle, as well as that weird futuristic world fusion restaurant. End up in the madness of 14th Street and NYU. Until now, the relatively low-rise street has successfully avoided the current trend of the new glass condo building, but good things do not last forever. Vanishing New York has the reveal on what's to come at 57-59 Irving Place, which was demolished to make way for a 10-story building from Kushner Studios. According to the plans, 57-59 Irving Place will have "9 high-end floor-through condominiums." And quite the instant pedigree, of course.
· Irving Place Lit Life [Jeremiah's Vanishing New York]

UPDATE: A tipster on the inside writes, "Kushner are no longer the architect for the project and the rendering posted does not reflect what the new developer is planning on constructing on the site. According to the DOB website Helpern Architects are the current architects for the project. To the best of my knowledge Madison Equities is the current developer of the project." Now if only we knew what Helpern was up to...