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City Pushing Dumbo Rezone for 2009

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Although the plan to rezone a 12-block hunk of Dumbo seemed to come out of nowhere, the city's Brooklyn Planning Director says the changes have been in the works for nearly two years. The rezone covers and area between Front Street, the Manhattan Bridge, John Street and Bridge Street. Yesterday, the Brooklyn Planning office did a round of interviews to push its plan and the timetable for the changes. The entire area, which is now zoned for manufacturing, would be rezoned for mixed use so that condos, apartments and retail would be allowed. Buildings could rise up to 12 stories on Jay Street (where the J Condo currently goes up to 33 stories) and to 8 stories on Bridge Street. Because the area is also within the new Dumbo landmark district, new buildings will also have to be approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Brooklyn Planning Director Purnima Kapur downplayed difference by the city proposal and one put forward by the Dumbo Neighborhood Association last week, saying the two are "along similar lines" and that the city was "willing to listen" about making modifications. The city is aiming for approval of the Dumbo rezone by late spring or summer 2009.
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