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Debut of the White Nights Around McCarren Park

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There is good news and bad news to report from the area around McCarren Park in Williamsburg, which is surrounded by some of the more expensive condos going up in Brooklyn. First, the good news: The new lights installed in McCarren Park work magnificently. Now, the bad news: the lights work really, really well. Email No. One, from late last night:

They light up the entire neighborhood with their brilliance. I am predicting a group of extremely crabby condo owners will be on the phone with the city tomorrow AM--if they're not clogging up 311 already. Here's another email, which speaks to that last point:

The McCarren Park Flood Lights around the field are finally installed and were turned on last night. All six of them (looks like Yankee stadium). But quite interestingly they have been on all night and all day today...Last night I couldn't get a wink in because the lights flooded our apt. Indeed incredibly bright. At 5 am, I called 311 to complain and found there's no number that we could call to get them turned off. Just a women saying that they have to resolve the situation in 10 days. 10 days of this and I will be going nuts. Curtains just don't cut it.Rumors of an uptick in Google searches for "blackout curtains" from Karl Fischer Row are unfounded.
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