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First Glimpse at a World Without Madison Square Garden

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As the Moynihan Station proposal teeters on the edge of collapse, the Friends of Moynihan Station?whose tireless efforts in getting the project approved have also occasionally teeter on the edge?are going on the offensive. To remind folks how far the proposal has come, the group has released the first rendering of Moynihan East, where Madison Square Garden currently stands. MSG, of course, would be demolished and a new arena would be built on the western half of the Farley Post Office across the street, which is the spiffied-up thing toward the bottom of the photo. In its place would stand a reborn and revitalized Penn Station (and a lot of shopping). Friends of Moynihan Station write: "The Empire State Development Corporation has been reluctant to make public any renderings of what Moynihan Station would look like, particularly Moynihan East. Finally, a first glimpse of the grand new train station has been given to us." A little shocking to see the World's Most Famous Arena done away with, right?
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