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15 Union Square West Open for Business

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Now that the initial burst of excitement following the reveal of 15 Union Square West has subsided, it's time for the team at Brown Harris Stevens SELECT to tackle the hard part: selling the 36 condos in the glassed-up former home of Tiffany & Co. A more complete website for the building has launched, featuring one of the more annoying new-development-website soundtracks out there and a new clunker of a tagline, "Unbelievable and livable." Yikes. And in much bigger news, a glance at StreetEasy shows that the first crop of listings have hit the web?nine to be exact?not counting the two apartments that are already in contract. The average price-per-square-foot of the combined 11 listings is a healthy $2,585, or 1,691 euros. There appear to be a couple extra bathroom renderings, but for the most part, we've seen what we're dealing with here. The prices on the available listings range from a $4.11 million 2BR to an $8.946 million whopper of a 3BR. Happy shopping, and don't forget to tip the valet.
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