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Most Expensive CPW Co-Op Listing Ever Comes & Goes

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In case anyone is wondering how they could have missed the most expensive co-op ever listed on Central Park West, it's because it came and went in less than 72 hours. Today's Observer has the story of the $36 million, 12-room duplex penthouse at 55 CPW. The listing went up on Feb. 21 on the Brown Harris Stevens website. Steve Gottlieb of TVT records (Nine Inch Nails, Guided by Voices, Lil Jon, Ying Yang Twins) had bought the penthouse in 1999 for $8.6 million. Alas, the listing was posted on a Friday and vanished by Monday morning after calls from the Observer's Max Abelson, who writes, "Mr. Gottlieb might not have wanted the press that comes with such a big listing" because of some trouble at TVT Records. The same week the co-op (with monthly maintenance of $10,691) was listed, the label filed for bankruptcy protection. Presumably, it's still on the market, though.
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55 Central Park West

55 Central Park West, New York, NY 10023