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New Stuy Town Customers Get One Month Free

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Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village, friends, is more than just a grim backdrop to your brand new rooftop pool. There's been a lot of change at ol' Stuy Town since Tishman Speyer purchased the mostly rent-stabilized 110-building complex for over $5 billion in 2006, and those changes keep on coming. In yesterday's CurbedWire, a Stuy Town resident pointed out the sudden change in the pet policy, where a one-time $250 fee can now net you the loyalty and companionship of a dog. Said our tipster: "Is this yet another move by Tishman to generate revenue and fill empty spaces? Recent City Council newsletter read that as many as 5 buildings worth of homes are currently vacant." Perhaps, because the Post reports today that Tishman Speyer is now offering one free month of rent to entice new market-rate tenants to jump into grassy green living. According to "insiders," the vacancy rate is hovering between 5 and 10 percent, whereas Manhattan's overall vacancy rate is less than 2 percent. Maybe the Happy Holidays, You're So Fucked memo didn't go over as well as planned?
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