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PLG's Glassy 'Park Tower' Revealed

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This is the new 20-story tower planned for Lincoln Road near Ocean Avenue in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens. The design comes from Gilman Architects and will be a total of 210,000 square feet. Architect Tom Gilman says that it's "a tall building, but in a way that it's pulled back from the street" and said that he designed it with "a lot of glass to give people views of the park." The building would sit at the edge of Prospect Park, not far from the 1876 Olmsted and Vaux Boathouse. The building's "different masses are twisted to take advantage of different views from different heights," Gilman says.

The light that is visible midway up the building is from a color-coordinated LED light system that will offer up 24 different colors and that will be changed from hour to hour. The architect calls the lights "an abstract urban clock." Welcome to 2008, PLG and Prospect Park.
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