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Ukrainians Surrender to the Madness of Morphosis

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All-glass architecture tends to draw a lot of criticism, but there's one unlikely neighborhood in Manhattan that has embraced it, according to the Sun: the East Village's Ukrainian stronghold around East 7th Street, also known as Shevchenko Place. At the corner of Cooper Square, the huge dirt pit next to the St. George Ukrainian Catholic Church will become architect Thom Mayne's (under his Morphosis brand name) new academic building for Cooper Union, all glass and perforated metal skin that "changes throughout the day." It's a fairly shocking addition to a block most notable for the big church and McSorley's, but it turns out that the neighbors all happen to be architecture critics who respect a challenging design:

Many in the Ukrainian community were initially opposed to nine floors replacing the drab, two-story 1912 Hewitt Building, but the renderings showed the structure to have such lightness, permeability, and transparency that the community eventually surrendered to it, amicably.Not reported: at the Block Association meeting, the elderly Ukrainians thought they heard "pierogies," not "permeability."
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