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Gene Kaufman #1: 'The Ugliest Building in Brooklyn'?

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This is the Verdi on Adelphi, a Fort Greene building from the design studio of Gene Kaufman. Photographer Nate Kensinger sent along these photos, calling it "the ugliest building in Brooklyn," a title for which there could be intense competition. Brownstoner has called it an "over-the-top eyesore" and "a mix of generic-looking brick and an over-the-top swaths of blue mosaic tile."

Here's the photographer's take on it:

You have to get up close to see how horrendous the tiles on this thing are. It would be like living inside of a disco ball, or a fragmented oil slick. It's being touted as "a modern compliment to the rich history and lush streetscapes of Fort Greene." Haha. How does a mirrored tile jukebox complement a classic brownstone?
Back in September, two of the 14 units had sold. In January, the total was up to three, where it still stands. Enough about that, however, isn't the oil slick thing going on with the tiles interesting?
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[Photos courtesy of Nate Kensinger]