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Brooklyn April Fool's Day Roundup: Stroller Fees, Gated Communities, Land Swaps, More

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Here from the Brooklyn blog world, a little bit of late afternoon April Fool's Day fun:

1) The defunct Atlantic Yards plan has resurfaced as Manhattan Mews (above). Miss Brooklyn lives on as Lady Lexington. [No Land Grab]

2) Park Slope and Cobble Hill will be charging “Sidewalk User Fees” for strollers on major thoroughfares. It was attached to Congestion Pricing legislation. [McBrooklyn]

3) Actually, the Didik Long Ranger on Concord Street in Downtown Brooklyn isn't an April Fool's joke, but it could pass for a gag. [INSIJS]

4) Lefferts Manor is becoming a gated community. No cars at all are better than speed bumps. [Hawthorne Street]

5) The city is working a land swap between Bruce Ratner, Joe Sitt and the Toll Brothers. Mr. Ratner will develop a Gowanus Dome, Mr. Sitt will build a Coney Mall at Atlantic Yards and the Tolls Will build a Real Estate Crash theme park in Coney Island. [Gowanus Lounge]

6) McDonald's is buying the Green Church in Bay Ridge, which has been the subject of a preservation battle, and renaming it McGreen Acres. [Left in Bay Ridge]