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Bedford Ave. Zip Cars Getting the Hot Karl Treatment

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Well, the interesting thing about the impending closure of the parking lot on Bedford Ave. and N. 12 Street in Williamsburg was going to be that it will be the site of a new eight-story building with 180 units from the King of Williamsburg, Hot Karl Fischer. Now that that's out of the way, the disappearance of the lot has provoked a Zip Car Crisis. In the last 45 minutes this email from a desperate Zip Car has landed in the inbox several times:

The tsunami wave of development in Williamsburg has claimed its latest victim—Zipcar's beloved Williamsburg lot at North 12th and Bedford. We have just been notified that the lot will be closed April 15th and will metamorphize into yet another luxury condo. That's got us scrambling to find new locations for 24 vehicles so that we can continue to serve the northern part of the neighborhood. Here's where you come in—do you have a landlord who owns a garage? Or belong to a church that owns a lot? Whatever ideas you have, please send them to us so we can investigate immediately. The first person who gives us a lead that bears fruit will earn themselves $50 of driving credit—and more Zipcars near their home to boot!
Thanks for your help,

The team at ZipcarAll we can say, other than eight stories of Hot Karl on Bedford Avenue is: $50 in driving credit seems a little chintzy when the cars have be gone in two weeks and parking lot-size spaces in that part of Williamsburg are a little hard to come by these days.
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