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LIC's The View: Oh, Those Terraces!

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Now that the cat has been let out of the bag regarding The View, Rockrose's Jesuscondo on the Long Island City waterfront, broker Andrew Fine is no longer sworn to secrecy about his trip inside the unfinished building, as well as other juicy details. So far, the most talked about design element is the terraces-upon-terraces-upon-terraces facing the Manhattan skyline on the southern end of the building. Well, here they are! Yum. Also, of the much-talked-about $1,100/sqft average, Fine says this: "Prices for 'The View,' for now at least, start just below $1000 per square foot. While the average may be at or above $1100 per square foot, none of the prices quoted take into account the outdoor space. Two-Thirds of the units will have outdoor space ranging from 64sf-1500sf." So there you go. Also, the only units that are stuck with eastern views into yucky Queens are corner units that also look at nonyucky Manhattan. The building's eastern glass façade is actually a windowed hallway. We've added some photos of The View's views (say that three times fast!) to the gallery above, as well as some older renderings of LIC's version of 15 Central Park West.
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