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On the Racked: Canal St. Bounces Back, Sitting at Mango, Busted at Target, More

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[Photo courtesy of Will Femia]

1) Chinatown: That bust of counterfeit merchandise in Chinatown in February? Don't be shocked, but it hasn't worked.

2) Soho: Racked's "Making Better Use of" feature finds that Mango is a great place to go to take a load off.

3) Fort Greene:
Go to the Atlantic Terminal Target to shop and walk out in handcuffs, accused of shoplifting. Racked has the disturbing, scary story of a woman who "was hauled handcuffed out of the store, thrown in the back of a police car and taken to a jail in Bed-Stuy," ostensibly for talking on her cell phone and being a little careless about where she paced.

4) Red Hook: In case anyone missed Racked seriously comprehensive inside look at the new Ikea, the photo galleries are here, here and here.