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CurbedWire Special: DeNiro's Greenwich Hotel Lockdown

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TRIBECA?Today is more than just your run-of-the-mill April Fool's Day or Greenwich Village cage match. Nay, April 1, 2008, also marks the first day of business of the forever-in-the-works Greenwich Hotel, brought to you by Robert DeNiro & Friends. A special Curbed tipster dropped by 377 Greenwich Street to get a peek, and here's his report:

Hey there, Curbed. I was walking by the Greenwich Hotel this morning and being that it was it's official opening day and all, decided to slow down and take a look. Here's what you want to know: they only mean open in the sense that they're now willing to take your money. As you can see from these photos, there is plenty of construction still in progress. (To their credit, however, the lobby appears finished and is done up simply, with some rich finishes. This isn't a trend-chasing property.) But the real comedy is in the lobby, where the doorman asked, "Can I help you?" before two suits sitting at a table asked, "Can I help you?" before two ladies at the front desk asked, "Can I help you?" My answer in all three cases was "No, thank you. I live in the neighborhood and heard you opened today. I was hoping to take a quick look around." Mind you, all these people are in ear-shot of one another and I didn't whisper.
My absolute favorite part of the all-in absurd experience, fitting on April
1, is that there are three staffers outside the hotel, guarding against photographs. OF THE EXTERIOR. I managed to get a few shots, and one through the glass of the lobby, before a nice Asian lady nearly popped a blood vessel and grabbed at my camera. Bobby D, you've done it again, sir.
For some strange reason, we wouldn't have expected any less. We'll try dropping by the hotel later today, and if we can snap some better pictures/survice, we'll add them to the photo gallery.
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