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Hunters Point South Plan 'From Bad to Even Worse'?

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If anyone can handle more debate about another planned New York City megaproject, the huge (and, yes, very controversial) Hunters Point South (aka Queens West South) development has taken a small step forward. Broker/blogger Andrew Fine has gotten hold of a new "scoping" document for the project, which would rise on a Long Island City wasteland, and finds that it has gained more than an extra acre of parkland but has also gone from 6,500 to 6,650 units of housing (the definition of "affordable" in the plan has been the subject of bitter dispute). A school has also grown significantly. Fine writes that "it seems as if none" of the concerns raised by residents and others have been taken into consideration and that the plan "has simply gone from bad to even worse" by adding another building's worth of housing and expanding the school.
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