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Work on MePa 'Gansevoort Plaza' Underway

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[Photo courtesy of Streets Blog]

Work is underway on the new pedestrian plaza on Gansevoort Street that is intended to transform a really wide intersection with a crazy traffic pattern into a place where people will sit at tables and under trees. (This is not be confused with the Bizarro MePa Plaza on Ninth Avenue opposite the Apple store, which was last year's project and is already open.) Per Streets Blog, which has been following the plan from the beginning, the orange barrels in the pic above "and the dashed lines appear to demarcate what will soon be new pedestrian areas and rows of planters." Work has apparently progressed a lot today, as an email reports: "They are placing concrete dividers and seating. The weather makes it tempting to ditch work, but this new public space is going to be a great diversion for the neighborhood and the perfect place to have lunch outdoors." Ah, to lounge in MePa Gansevoort Plaza.
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