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Eye on Dubai: Blue Light Special in Aisle 15,000,000

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With the breakneck pace of luxury development in our favorite Emirate, it would be wise for Dubai to focus on building something like affordable housing?you know, so the help has a place to stay. But this is the desert, and in the desert there are no rules. That's why developer Emaar has announced that in August, the Dubai Mall?one of the biggest shopping centers in the world?will throw open its doors with 3.77 million square feet of leasable space, the size of 50 football fields. The mall, designed by Singapore-based DP Architects, will feature over 1,200 stores and 120 food and beverage outlets. And because this is Dubai, there is so much more: an aquarium featuring over 33,000 animals, with a tunnel that passes through it; an indoor SEGA-branded theme park; an Olympic-size ice rink; an indoor-outdoor streetscape wth retractable roof. All this, in the shadow of the Burj Dubai, the soon-to-be biggest building in the world. Meanwhile, Jean Nouvel is probably still stuck begging some old people to build a skyscraper in Midtown.
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