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Brooklyn's Toren Selling Hard Out of the Gate

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Toren, the splashy condo on Flatbush Avenue, has only been on the radar screen for barely more than a week, but it's aiming to make an impression quickly with an extensive and expensive advertising campaign. Today, complementary copies of the Post showed up wrapped in Toren. There are two "magazines" about the development up in PDF form on the website and circulating and Toren posters have been wheatpasted to every available surface in some spots in Manhattan. (They are, curiously, less visible in Brooklyn itself.)

Yesterday, a tipster sent a couple of photos of posters at the site fo the Gansevoort Park Hotel at 29th and Park. Our photographer wrote:

Why is Grace Bonney of Design Sponge shilling for Toren Condo? Does she know about this? The picture used on the poster and on (under the MAGAZINE link) is the same photo on her website's ABOUT page. What is going on?...The other shiller is the founder of Brooklyn Industries.
While we don't know this for a fact, we think we're on pretty solid ground saying that all of the Brooklynites recruited to sing the praises of Toren and/or Brooklyn, including Design*Sponge, have done so knowingly.
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