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Crosby Hotel Grows Tall, Little Old Mary Set To Fall

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The UK's Firmdale Hotels very first USA boutique hotel from architect Paul Taylor is now out of the ground, rising on the edge of SoHo and going for the gold - LEED certification that is. The aptly named Crosby Street Hotel, set to rise 11 stories and with steel currently climbing skyward, will soon be stretching east to Lafayette Street. That expansion is made possible by the recent acquisition of a little bit of old brickage sitting at 246 Lafayette Street. That 3-story walkup, notable for the word "MARY" set in pressed tin across the cornice, has been on that site since back in the day when locals called Lafayette by its previous name of Elm Street. Alas, Mary's days are numbered.

In place of Mary's little house will be access through the block to what the hotel folks hope will be a hidden inner garden and an intimate little eatery. As far as what the new hotel will look like, we've heard tales of masonry and glass. But all that's been seen on site are some mock-ups of appropriately old-timey reddish brown brick. Rest assured that we will give a full report when new info comes our way.
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