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What a $35M Private Tribeca Suburb Looks Like

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The listing for Tribeca's 2 N Moore Street, the former "our suburb" and now most unique downtown property on the market, has been updated with the first renderings we've ever seen of the completed structure?a six-floor building connected to the two-story former NoMoore Bar. For just $35 million, you and your family can sunbathe on the roof of a classic old neighborhood watering hole. If that's not a lesson in post-millennial New York City, then we don't know what is. Also, thanks to a Curbed commenter's investigative URL experimenting, we've rounded up all the floorplans for the massive single-family townhouse in one easy-to-drool-over location.
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2 North Moore Street

2 North Moore Street, New York, NY 10013

2 n moore street, new york, ny