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Chinatown Shows Up Late to Downzoning Party

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The proposed rezoning of a 114-block swath of the East Village, Lower East Side and a few other points south is, unsurprisingly, not without controversy. The Bowery has already made its voice heard regarding being left out of the plan, which would limit building heights on both major avenues and side streets, and now Chinatown is protesting the rezoning. At a recent Community Board 3 meeting, about 50 people showed up to rail against the proposal and hold up signs that read "Stop Racist Rezoning" and "Include the Entire Community in the Plan." Residents fear that the rezoning will push luxury development south into Chinatown, and suddenly they'll all be priced out of the neighborhood. Yatta yatta, we all know how this song goes by now. It was a rousing night of passionate speeches about protecting the character of the neighborhood, only there was a problem?the rezoning was not on the board's agenda. Writes The Villager: "The plan actually is in the final stages of approval and should be voted on by the City Council later this year. But the turnout does suggest that a movement against high-priced development in Chinatown might have gained more momentum." Yes, but is it too little too late?
· ‘What about us?’ Chinatowners demand C.B. 3 rethink rezoning [Villager]