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Fulton Street Subway Hub Already Delayed

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The MTA has to answer some tough questions regarding the botched Fulton Street Transit Center near the WTC, but answers are a little tough to come by right now. If you recall, the hub?which will connect the area's 11 lines of subway spaghetti?was supposed to be topped by a Grimshaw Architects-designed glass "oculus," filled will street-level retail. Until, uh, some complications. Now, there's a half-serious proposal floating around to stick a theater designed by Frank Gehry, one that is supposed to go next to the Freedom Tower, on top of the Transit Center. Well, we thought it was half-serious, but today the Sun reports that there are "concept drawings" of the GehryTheaterTrain making the rounds, and the MTA is seriously considering it. Of course, all this hemming and hawing means more delays down at Ground Zero. Testifying in front of the City Council's transportation committee yesterday, the MTA's capital construction president said the project will be delayed at least 12 to 18 months. Which, if you've been by that mess of a corner lately, is totally awesome news!
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