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"When you realize you're about to pay $25 million for an apartment that has the worst of 60s architecture on the bottom and the epitome of 'developers who now longer care' with their glass sheath on top, you'll feel sick. Then when you realize that entirely glass-draped buildings have a monstrous carbon footprint (due to the chronically poor insulating qualities of glass) it doesn't take a genius to realize this building may not be the oasis it's being billed as. And this is to say nothing about the sub-par location, overlooking Canal Street and buried in a permanent cloud of Holland Tunnel smog, horns, and fake Gucci bags. Cool as hell indeed, just make sure to allocate enough to pay the AC bills." [Curbed Inside: One York, by Enrique Norten]

One York

1 York Street, New York, NY 10013