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184 Kent Rumor Mill Churns as Work Continues

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Has it really been more than two years since the landmarking-unlandmarking drama about 184 Kent and almost two since residents were cleared from the building? Yes, it has. And, two years later, it looks like some sort of serious activity has been underway inside the building (there was a Stop Work Order for a week until earlier today). Lights are visible at night through windows that have been removed and daylight is actually visible through the windows on the top floor where it looks like part of the roof has been cut away. In the meantime, the rumor mill continues with the same buzz about last year's news that the building will be rental. The new spin is that some of the amenities, like a planned pool, have been cut and that even the addition of floors may by up in the air. (The application from SLCE Architects to add two new floors to the building is still pending at DOB, having been rejected last year.) It has long been rumored that the developer is working to get Historic Preservation Tax Credits and the latest word that the exterior modifications will be minimal are in line with that effort. Something's up, because a permit to toss up a shed building was approved today too.
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