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Imaginary Hot Karl Building as Boring as Real Ones

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The finger-scorching new issue of Vu., New York magazine's occasional real estate supplement, is filled with goodies, including photos of Bond Street developer Adam Gordon's redonk Jane Street townhouse and an examination of fake sexy people in apartment renderings. But our favorite piece is the one where four architects get the chance to come up with something crazy for 417-423 Canal Street, the recently demolished lot at Varick that will have a sculpture garden for a couple years until Hudson Square overlord Trinity Real Estate builds a hotel or office building on the site. A full downtown block! No client! No zoning! No rules! Just check out the thing FLAnk submitted (above)?insane! But either out of generosity or unintentional humor, New York decided to invite along Williamsburg defacer Karl Fischer to the party. Would Hot Karl come up with something to wow us, something that would change our perception of his designs?

The explanation: "Fischer’s structure, cleverly designed as hotel space that’s easily convertible into residences, would be faced primarily in two materials—gray brick and glass. Each of the four façades would be unique, making reference to the site’s odd shape." Yep, there were absolutely no rules regarding aesthetic or general creativity in this fun little design exercise, and he still went with gray brick and glass. That's our Karl!
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