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TreeTop Gets a Trim in the Burg

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Whether things have been going well for TreeTop Development in Williamsburg, we suppose, depends on one's point of view. The company did get $7.95 million from Dermott Company for its 30-unit rental building on S. 1st Street called the Triangulum, but that means that it has also shed one of its biggest projects. Meanwhile, its condo a few blocks away was tied up with a Stop Work Order for so long that it had started to take on the look of a stalled development. The order was lifted not long ago and work is underway again. According to the TreeTop website, sales on the Keap Street building are supposed to start in October, but we're not clear if that meant last year or the coming one. Apparently, 21 of the 30 apartments in the Triangulum were renovated before the sale to Dermot.
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