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Rest in Peace, Robert Knakal's Johnny Damon 'Do

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Massey Knakal chairman Robert Knakal, who for three years has beguiled the commercial real estate world with a beard and hairdo to be reckoned with (and who won many hearts and minds along the way), has gone under the knife, The Real Deal reports:

"The market slowed down a bit so I had time to go to the barber," said Knakal, chairman and founding partner of Massey Knakal Realty Services, one of the city's top commercial sales firms with more than 3,000 deals valued at over $9 billion in its 19-year history, according to the company Web site boasts. He added, "I had the long hair for three years. I just decided it was time to get back to a reasonable length."

His stylist Jeanette Texidor at Erica Fleischman, a men's salon at 142 East 49th Street, cut off at least five inches. Knakal's hair now covers about half his collar.

A moment of silence, please.
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