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Landmark Queens Museum Finally Ready for Redo

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The landmark Queens Museum of Art building in Flushing Meadows Park is finally ready for a long planned redo, we think. The renovation and expansion have been in the works since 2001 when a radical remake was floated, embraced and, then, repudiated as being a little over the top for a building built for the 1939-40 Worlds Fair that was also the first meeting place of the United Nations. The new plan, which was unveiled several years ago is designed to "maintain the building's infrastructure without returning it to a particular time period." The $47 million project will double the museum's size as it takes over space currently occupied by an indoor skating rink. The museum remake comes from Grimshaw Architects. The renovation was originally supposed to be finished by 2006, then by 2009. The current target date is 2010. No word on what the final target date is or whether the nearby Philip Johnson-designed New York State Pavilion will collapse from 45 years of neglect in the meantime.
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