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CurbedWire Special AM Edition: St. Vincent's, the Sequel

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GREENWICH VILLAGE?It's tax day, sure, but April 15th is marked by a big red "X" on the Curbed calendar because today is also Part Two of the Landmarks Preservation Commission's hearing regarding the planned redevelopment of St. Vincent's Hospital, a massive project that also involves luxury condos from Rudin Management and the razing of several buildings within the Greenwich Village Historic District (hence LPC's involvement). Part One was an epic shitshow, and today should be no different. We spared Curbed staffers from having to attend, but luckily, an attendee has committed to sending us updates on the proceedings. Here's how we begin:

I got here at 10:00. Five of the last 13 speakers have been in favor of approval. Two have been from the Greenwich Village Chelsea Chamber of Commerce. One represented AIANY. The crowd shows no support for these people. Big laughs when the chair of the chamber said 'new doesn't mean it can't be a landmark. This has landmark potential in its future.' Biggest cheers so far have been for 'I know the Rudin guys are here because of their expensive suits,' 'this sets a dreadful precedent,' and 'devastating to the village.' The biggest themes so far from people against the plan are that the hospital hasn't proven its case that it can't survive without this and that the towers are out of scale with the community. Very few seem concerned about any historic significance of the buildings."

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