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Extell's Diamond District Tower Has Hefty Cost

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We don't get to the Diamond District News very often, but frankly, we should. Especially if they're going to report fun stories like this one. We all know that Gary Barnett, maverick leader of developer Extell, is pissing off the diamond dudes with his planned 40-story tenant stealer, designed by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill and located at 44 West 47th Street. The protests from local landlords have all but subsided, their will shattered by The Barn, but the DDN post-mortem on the whole affair involves a breakdown of all the properties and air rights Extell acquired on 46th and 47th Street to aid the deal. And holy crapballs, it's a lot of land. A Curbed tipster forwarded along the story, and under the totally awesome title "How much does Gary Barnett really own?" (it's a question we sometimes lie awake in bed pondering), the financial burden incurred by Extell is detailed. Folks, they spent over $15 million on air!