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A Tumorous Neighbor for SHoP and Kopp

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East Houston between Mott and Mulberry in Nolita is growing a tumor, right in the shadow of the undulous new SHoP tower rising to the west and just around the corner from a little bit of fun going up at 277 Mott. The new growth is from architect Arpad Baksa and will rise at 49 E. Houston, formerly a one-story bike shop that is currently undergoing demolition. The new plan calls for a "Residential Apt House" with 14-stories and -- hold on to your seats -- 41 units! But that's not the half of it.

After the new building begins to rise it will cantilever over 51 E. Houston, an old 5-story 8-unit walk-up. The two buildings have been joined into one zoning lot, a bit of bureaucratic wizardry that makes a tumor like this possible. Old number 51 will retain about 10 feet of rights over their roof line, but above that will grow another hundred feet of new construction. Looks like it's time to kiss those moon-lit tar beach parties goodbye.

This is what a "Cantilever Agreement" looks like.

The easement and air rights have been officially filed.
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