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CurbedWire: MePa Gets All Chalked Up for High Line

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MePa?The students wearing hipster-looking chalk shoes today? It was the Chalk Walk, an event sponsored by Friends of the Highline for our favorite soon-to-be elevated urban park. Per our special Curbed correspondent who was on the scene: "If you noticed some big splotchy chalk arrows in MePa today, the culprits were a group of happy and pleasant eighth graders from the Lab School who strapped on Julia Mandle-designed green chalk shoes and dragged their feet from 8th Avenue over to the High Line to promote a future park on the old West Side rail lines. The stunt was coordinated with Friends of the High Line. The kids started out on both sides of 14th Street at 8th Avenue and met at 9th Avenue to regroup and apparently swarm all of the unsuspecting outdoor diners. Spirits were high (and most passers-by seemed charmed) and the chalk shoes were surprisingly sturdy—there was only one tumble during the whole procession, and the victim shook it off admirably. Then, they split into three groups to head to the different future High Line access points at 14th, 18th, and Gansevoort Streets to point their shoes at the construction site, cheer, and sign their names on the sidewalk. No vandalism arrests have been made. Yet." Gallery show to come. [CurbedWire Staff]