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Old WASP's Death Yields Latest 740 Park Opportunity!

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Michael Gross, the master of all things 740 Park Avenue, reports a bit of news regarding the famous co-op on his blog. June Speight, widow of a former 740 Park co-op board president?and described by Gross as "one of the last of the old breed WASPs in the building"?died over the weekend, and her duplex will most likely soon hit the market. Unit 4/5C is in the 740 Park equivalent of the boonies, one of the apartments in the 17-story building that uses the dreaded 71 East 71st Street entrance. Ew! This means that Speight's apartment (identical floorplan seen above) will probably only fetch around $30 million. The last 740 Park apartment to change hands was the larger 4/5A, which went for $32 million back in January.
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740 Park Ave

740 Park Avenue, New York, NY