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After the Hudson & Toll Brothers Gowanus Vision: 'Sponge Park'

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Oh, little Gowanus Canal, how you might someday change. Earlier, we had the big news about Gowanus Green. A few weeks ago, we got the Toll Brothers vision for their hunk of Gowanus paradise. Now, we have something from the Gowanus Canal Conservancy for "Sponge Park," which would be a waterfront esplanade and park that would extend on the East Bank of the canal from the Third Street Bridge north toward the Carroll Street Bridge. The park has many eco-features and runs along property that is part of the Gowanus Village site owned by developer Shaya Boymelgreen that is currently on the market for $20 million. The design and rendering come from dlandstudio and includes an esplanade and a park on "one of the last large parcels of open land adjoining the water," which would mean either part of the Boymelgreen property or land used by Verizon. The time frame for a canal a cleanup stretches until nearly 2020.
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