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Morning After the Truce Agreement in Battle of 125th Street

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A compromise was reached yesterday on the controversial rezoning of 125th Street in Harlem in advance of a City Council vote. The deal, reached after what were described as "all-night" negotiations, brings local Council Members whose support is crucial to passage of the plan on board before it goes to a vote. The key points in the deal are that building heights have been cut from a maximum of 29 stories to 19 and that about half of the 3,858 new apartments that could be built under the rezoning would be set aside for low- and moderate-income families at different levels, with the top income eligibility being somewhat lowered as part of the agreement. The deal also creates small $750,000 loan program to assist 71 small businesses that "would probably be forced to move" as properties are redeveloped. Not everyone's on board, though. One opponent told the Daily News: "Harlem may still have its black cultural institutions, but it won't have any black audience. There won't be any black politicians and there won't be any black churches because there won't be any black residents in white, rich Harlem." On the other hand, City Planning Chair Amanda Burden called the agreement "a milestone." More reaction are likely to come.
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